A Suicide Prevention Project is Inaugurated

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Thursday, May, 24 2012. With the intention to stop suicide among the young people of Mision de Chichimecas, the Human Development Project and Prevention of Auto Inflicted Injuries was inaugurated, at the Diego Rivera Art Room in the Ludovicense Cultural Center.  Surrounded by charming sculptures of the “Soul of Stone” exhibition, which was recently opened, the speakers expressed their concern about this problem, and their intention for this plan to work. 

Mayra Rivera, who served as the master of ceremonies, started the act by introducing the guests of honor: Mr. Lopez Rendon (on behalf of the City Mayor), Professor Javier Quijada (from TV High School 476 of Mision de Chichimecas), Eduardo Hernandez (from the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples), Gerardo Sanchez (from the House of Culture), Ms. Nancy Amador (Assembly Member), Doctor Odin Torres (Medical Coordinator of CAISES), and Psychologist Jesus Balderas (from CAISES).

In his intervention, Psychologist Balderas remarked that the most important part of the project is the young people, since they are in the spring of their lives. Mr. Lopez expressed the concern of the City Mayor for suicide among the indigenous teens.  Doctor Torres observed that the suicide rate is alarming in this community and it must be prevented. 

To this end, a series of workshops will be carried out, to develop the self-esteem of the youngsters and strengthen communication in the families.  The courses cover the areas of sports, music, horse therapy, and family psychology, and will run for 6 months. They will be provided by: Isidro Villanueva (kung fu), Professor Concepcion Teran (guitar), and Mayra Rivera (family therapy).  The coordinator of the program is Psychologist Balderas.     





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