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We give you the warmest and most cybernetic welcome to our city, which is distinguished by its spirit of work and the kindness of its people, who share the pride of belonging to an entrepreneurial community. Today, as we enter the third millennium, our city offers the world a privileged place to live, visit, work, and invest.

The primary objectives of this page are, on the one hand, the global dissemination of our beloved Chichimeca Nation, and on the other hand, to “bring closer” our town to a multitude of non-resident “Ludovicenses” who are surely nostalgic for their homeland in different parts of the planet.

We infinitely appreciate your visit. This site is NOT official and is NOT dependent in any way on the government or any political, religious, or social entity. The total maintenance of it is the responsibility of its creators.

Also, please note that we are firmly in favor of the contribution and participation of everyone. So, if you have data, documents, photographs, or corrections that can help us improve it, we gladly invite you to share them with us.

Site created and maintained since May 9, 2000 by:
José Omar, Pedro Alonso y Mauricio García Hernández
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