Cathey Miller Exhibits Cerca del Cielo

Mineral de Pozos, Gto. Saturday, May 5, 2012. The American artist Cathey Miller opened the “Cerca del Cielo” exhibition this afternoon at Galeria 6, located in the Main Garden.  It is a collection of more than 20 brightly colored paintings, which illustrate figures and symbols of the Od West, charreadas, rodeo and soldaderas.  The exhibition will run until June 17.  Thanks to Nick Hamblen from Galeria 6, for the invitation and his warm hospitality.

According to Galeria 6:

” Cerca del Cielo
Paintings by Cathey Miller

The Wild Wild West that is Pozos just got considerably more wild and colorful with the arrival of artist Cathey Miller´s one-woman show “Cerca del Cielo” at Galeria 6.

In addition to creating her heavily collected fine art such as is being presented here, Miller works professionally as a scenic painter for major television and movie productions.

The artist arrived early in Pozos to create the fantastical mural installation in the entry of the gallery to compliment a stunning group of brightly colored, portrait-based canvases depicting figures and symbols drawn from the rich cultures of the Old West including cowboys (AND COWGIRLS!) charreada and rodeo and soldadera heros.  The elaborate costumes and fancy dress of these themes serve as the inspiration for these arresting & witty paintings, Viva La Tequila!

After graduating in 1985 from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA Miller moved to NYC where she free-lanced as an editorial illustrator and “started wearing black clothes and mirrored sunglasses and painting people I saw in the subway”.  In 1987, reportedly due to a “lack of any decent salsa” the artist moved to Dallas where she established her own painting studio, which thrives there to this day.

With titles (that often appear in large text as part of the piece) such as “Mamacita”, “Chica Loca”, and “Baile Conmigo” & referencing, stylistically, vintage Mexican movie posters Miller adds a mischievous twist to her ever-present brand of girl power, heroism and beauty to the work.

Cathey Miller is a professional artist based in Dallas, TX.
www.catheymiller.com “


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