Cristo Rey is Crowned as Champion of the Second Force

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Sunday, March 25 2012. Cristo Rey was crowned as the champion of the Second Force of the Soccer Municipal League, by beating 3 to 1 the Potosino team in the final.  It took advantage of having one more player for most of the game. Cristo Rey used a blue and yellow stripes shirt.  Potosino played with a red and black stripes jersey.

Potosino lost his technician and a player by expulsion in the first few minutes.  It allowed Cristo Rey to flip the score and win easily.  At the end of the match, a member of Cristo Rey was expelled, but it was too late to affect the outcome.

Manuel Mendieta, from the Aztec Club, was recognized as the league’s top scorer with 40 goals. Corinthians received the trophy of general leader.  Potosino did the same as runner-up.  And finally, Cristo Rey lifted the champion cup.

Minute 14. Cristo Rey 0 Potosino 1. Mauricio Alamilla scored.
Minute 36. Cristo Rey 1 Potosino 1. Omar Erasmo Ramirez scored.
Minute 43. Cristo Rey 2 Potosino 1. Juan Carlos Arvizu scored.
Minute 84. Cristo Rey 3 Potosino 1. Omar Erasmo Ramirez scored.


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