DIF Presents a Project for a Rehabilitation Center

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San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Wednesday, September 7, 2011. This afternoon, the Municipal DIF System officially launched the project for the Rehabilitation Center of the Northeast Region of the State.  The building will be erected in San Luis de la Paz, but with the intention of serving the nearly 5,000 disabled people in our region, which includes Doctor Mora, San Jose Iturbide, Santa Catarina, Tierra Blanca, Victoria, Xichu and Atarjea.  It will cost approximately 7 million pesos, of which $2,600,000 will come from our municipality.  The rest will be raised through sale of items, street collections, visits to businesses, and a Ludoton (a fundraiser similar to Telethon) in November.  There is already a logo and a theme song, created by local artists.



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