Eric Villa and Son Fascinate Us with Trova Music

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Thursday, April 12, 2012.  Eric Villa and his son of the same name fascinated us in the Trova Night held at the Alameda Melchor Ocampo.   After some years, we met again with this talented artist, proudly Ludovicense.   It was as if time had not passed.   Just like yesterday, he captivated us tonight with his prodigious voice and his selected repertoire of love music.   It was a magical evening organized by the Ludovicense Cultural Center.

The Alameda was once more the chosen place for the Trova Night.  On this occasion, Eric Villa Ramirez was the designated singer to fill this night of April with sentimentality.  Since he was accompanied by his son Eric, we had twice the art on the podium.  Both, from 7: 16 p.m., before the sun came down, offered us trova and popular songs.

“Lets try to be happy, now that the holidays are almost over”, said Eric.  But more than happy, they made us feel romantic, with melodies like: If I do not see you, Sky, The most beautiful thing, I dedicated to lose you, Pillow, and I love you just the way you are, among others.  With each of them, they told us a story.

The troubadours said goodbye before the cry of the public of “One more song, one more song!”  One person went even further and exclaimed “One more hour, the House of Culture pays!” Gerardo Sanchez, In Charge of the Office of the Ludovicense Cultural Center handed them a diploma as recognition.  Also, Angeles Ferro, from the Carmen Serdan Library, invited those present to visit and register in her institution.

Later, Eric Villa and his son continued singing.  At the end, they sought to fulfill the desire of many: to sing for another hour.  Thrilled, Eric commented “What a surprise.  I thought that we were going to be singing alone like crazy.  But not.  I see many people and familiar faces”.  This is how we lived the Trova night in our beautiful Alameda.

Congratulations Eric!  You still rock!              


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