Fair Queen Candidates Perform Caravan

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San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Sunday, July 8, 2012. The beautiful queen candidates for the San Luis de la Paz Regional Fair 2012 (Stybalys, Urikune and Yareth) performed a caravan through the main streets of the city. They compete for the crown, now owned by Cecilia I, Her Majesty, 2011.  People supported them on car and by foot.  When the girls reached the Matamoros Esplanade, they were formally presented to the public.

After 7:00 p.m., the parade of beauties started in front of the bus station.  Curious to know them, the people waited on the sidewalk to see them pass.  Besides the attractive girls, we observed that folks supported them in various ways: with plastic banners, on stilts, blowing noisemakers, juggling fire, throwing confetti and shouting.


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