Faithful Pilgrim to Pozos in Multitude

Mineral de Pozos, Gto. Sunday, May, 20 2012.  Thousands of faithful walked from San Luis de la Paz to Mineral de Pozos, to pay tribute to the Lord of the Works.  From very early, before sunrise, began the parade of people to the former mining town.  Once they arrived, after the 8 kilometers procession, the devotees joined the pilgrims who came from other places, like Mexico City and the state of Mexico. 

Since early hours, the traffic of persons going to Pozos started.  We began the journey at 5:30 a.m.  It was still dark when we left the city, so it was hard to see.  But by then, there were hundreds on the road.  Adults, young, and children, all of them with comfortable shoes, were ready for the march. 

The climate was nice, with a little bit of wind. Nevertheless, the crowd was prepared with sweaters or a light jacket.   The sun came up near 7:00 a.m.  We realized at that point that thousands of faithful were on pilgrimage.  Some talked, joked or listened to music, while others prayed.  Finally, at 7:45 we reached Mineral de Pozos.  No doubt that faith moves mountains and the charming tradition continues.


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