Holy Mass is Offered for the Lord of Mercy

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Saturday, April 14, 2012.  Juan Manuel Betancourt, Pastor of La Virgencita Parish, and Juan Galvan, Representative of the Bishop of the Celaya Diocese, celebrated a Holy Mass at noon in the temple under construction of the Lord of the Divine Mercy.  It was the culmination of the procession carried out minutes earlier, on the eve of the festivity of this representation of God.  Tomorrow, the new church will have a big celebration.

In his homily, Father Galvan, Chancellor of the Diocese of Celaya, said that it is nice to know that this church is being erected in San Luis de la Paz.  Also, he narrated how Pope John Paul II had the vision to create the devotion to the Divine Mercy.  Finally he said that mercy means to give to the neediest.  It involves understanding and loving others, as well as forgiving their faults.

From the pictures we took, you will see that the temple shows progress.  The structure is already formed, roofed and painted on the outside.  Since it still needs more work and this involves money, economic cooperation is requested of all.  Donations can be made in La Virgencita Parish.  In the meantime, those who live here do not miss to enjoy the festivities tomorrow.  There will be music, dance groups, a carnival and more.


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