Our Beautiful and Recognized Alameda

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Thursday, December 22, 2011.  Always that someone visits us and asks us what is nice to visit in San Luis de la Paz, we answer that among many things we have a beautiful Alameda, which is one of the most attractive in the state.

We not only assume it, but we affirm it; since it won the first place in the 2007 Conservation of Built Heritage in the State of Guanajuato Awards, in the Urban Space category, receiving an stimulus of $90,000.00 pesos.

Our beautiful Alameda is one of the favorite places for sports, short walks and falling in love.  In the morning, locals like to go there to jog and exercise.  During the day, they do short walks to enjoy the peace and nature.  And at night, under its shelter lovers swear eternal love to each other.  


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