Our San Luis de la Paz Celebrates 460 Years of Foundation

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San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Saturday, August 25, 2011.  Today, 460 years ago, on August 25, 1552, it was founded our San Luis de la Paz.  On that date, the day of Saint Louis King of France, Otomi Indians, allies of the Spaniards, and the native Chichimecas accord the peace.  Since then, we have a place which we can call home, which those who live in it love, and miss those who reside far away.  Our fascinating history and culture invite to be rediscovered by ludovicenses.  We had the honor of being the first Jesuit mission in Mexico, and being in the present the headquarters of the last Chichimeca community in the country. Moreover, there are vestiges of pre-Hispanic constructions in our city that are being investigated and may further enrich our historical past.  Happy birthday San Luis de la Paz!


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