Rondallas and a Music Group Sing to Love

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Friday, August 19, 2011. Last night, at the Cultural Theater of the 2011 San Luis Regional Fair, the Children’s Rondalla of our Cultural Center, the international Rondalla Voces Magisteriales from San Luis de la Paz, and Alejandro Lopez and his group, also from our city, sang to love.  The first sounded their guitars, to interpret classical melodies of passion.  Similarly, the Rondalla Voces Magisteriales dedicated to our site, Sanluisdelapaz.com, the song that made our countrymen in Dallas, Texas cry, at their concert at Casa Guanajuato, “A song to San Luis de la Paz.”  Finally, Alejandro Lopez and his group played a variety of old and present music.  All were recognized by Nancy Amador Villegas, Director of the Ludovicense Cultural Center.


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