San Luis Celebrates the 117th Anniversary of Elevation to City

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Monday, April, 23 2012.  The people and the Honorable Council 2009-2012 celebrated the 117th anniversary of the elevation from villa to city of San Luis de la Paz.  In a solemn session, in front of City Hall, there were honors to the flag, the reading of the original decree of 1895, the words of the Mayor Javier Becerra, the unveiling of the solemn proclamation, and the interpretation of the hymn of San Luis de la Paz.  Later, the Aguascalientes Brothers and their International Violins offered a concert. 

On a windy evening, authorities and citizens met to remember the important event.  At 7:14 p.m., the program began with the acknowledgement of the presidium.  Immediately, there was a roll call of the Town Assembly.  Honors to the flag were performed with the participation of the Municipal Police Colors and the Magisterial War Band. 

Next, the decree from April 22, 1895, used by the Governor of Guanajuato, Joaquin Gonzalez Obregon, to elevate San Luis de la Paz from villa to city was read.  The Mayor, Javier Becerra, also delivered a message to the crowd.  Among many things, he expressed that to talk of San Luis de la Paz is to talk of history, effort and unity.  The next step, was to unveil the solemn proclamation of the elevation. 

Then, the choir made up with students of the Miguel Hidalgo and Octavio Paz schools, and directed by Alejandro Lopez, sang the beautiful hymn of San Luis de la Paz.   The event was officially closed at 7:50 p.m.  For the delight of the public, The Aguascalientes Brothers and their International Violins gave a recital.  Later, a toast was programmed inside of City Hall.


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