San Luis de la Paz, Encounter of Peace and Adventure

San Luis de la Paz, Gto.  Friday, March 9, 2012.  Among the documents and photographs that we have collected through the years, what we call our trunk of memories, we found a touristic pamphlet from when we had the honor to head the San Luis de la Paz Tourism Committee (2001-2003).  We traveled with it to different places in Mexico, to promote our beloved land:  San Luis de la Paz, Encounter of Peace and Adventure.  Here we share with you images of this brochure and its history. 

In 2001, touristic services suppliers from San Luis de la Paz and Mineral de Pozos united to form a new tourism committee by invitation of the municipal authorities.  As board members were chosen:  Omar Garcia (President), Professor Guillermo Rodriguez (Treasurer) and Salvador Ugalde (Secretary).  Besides, among the members were hotel and restaurant owners, artisans, and other local businessmen. 

To promote in an attractive way our municipality, we took advantage of the 3X1program.  With what was raised, a part was utilized to make posters, maps and pamphlets.  And with the other share, we travelled to Guanajuato, Leon, Mexico City and Monterrey, to advertise San Luis de la Paz in some events.

About the brochure, its cover emphasizes the Bernalejo Hill, the Jesuit Ovens, the Atrial Arch and the San Luis Rey Parish.  We wanted to publicize the natural beauty of Vergel de Bernalejo, the impressive architecture of Pozos and the fascinating history of San Luis de la Paz.  These three themes we developed them in the interior pages. 

As slogan we utilized:  San Luis de la Paz, Encounter of Peace and Adventure.  It represents the encounter of peace between the Chichimeca and the Otomi Indians, allies of the Spaniards, in 1552, to found our city.  Besides, it alludes to the tranquility of our land.  The adventure refers to the adrenaline that arises from wandering through the Magic Town of Pozos and the spectacular settings of Vergel de Bernalejo.  


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