The Folkloric Ballet of Tamaulipas Shows the Rich Mexican Tradition

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Saturday, August 27, 2011.  Tonight, at the Cultural Theater of the 2011 San Luis Regional Fair, the Folkloric Ballet of Tamaulipas Mexico of Raul Rios showed the rich tradition of our country, through a dancing chrome.  For an hour, it presented a diverse program in which there was danzon, dances from the Huasteca, the Dance of the Elders, rhythms of Chiapas, the Dance of the Deer and a Feast of Jalisco.  The hundreds of ludovicenses who showed up at the Matamoros Esplanade enjoyed the undeniable talent and colorful clothing, which have led this group to travel Mexico, Central America, the United States and Europe. The Director of the Ludovicense Cultural Center, Nancy Amador Villegas, awarded their quality and performance with a recognition.  Also, she invited the people to the closing of the Cultural Theater tomorrow


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