The History of our Christ of La Montanita

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Monday, March 26, 2012. Last night that Pope Benedict XVI turned on the lighting of the Christ of the Cubilete Mountain in Silao was a wonderful show. This Catholic monument has grabbed the world’s attention since then.  What few people know, including the Ludovincenses, is that the Christ which is at La Montanita Hill in our city preceded the current one in the Cubilete Mountain. Our holy image was at the top of the famous mount of Silao for one year, before it was donated to San Luis de la Paz in 1943. 

In the history of Mexico, there have been five monuments built to Christ the King, recognized as national memorials. In the Cubilete Mountain there have been four of them, and one more in the Cathedral of Leon, Guanajuato. They are:

1st monument

It was built at the top of the Cubilete in 1920.  It was dynamited by enemies of the church in 1928, after being lowered to where today is located the Expiatory Chapel.

2nd monument

Only the first stone was placed at the mountain in 1923, due to restrictions of the anti-clerical government of that time.

3rd monument

The Monumental Christ the King Chapel was built in 1937, at the Cathedral of Leon.

4th monument

It was the predecessor of the current one.  It was built in the mountain of Silao in 1942.  The following year, in 1943, it was donated to San Luis de la Paz.  It was modified, here. In the Cubilete Mountain, its column simulated clouds. Therefore, it was called “The Clouds Monument”. In our city, a globe was added in its feet, representing the world, and the column became uniform.

5th monument

It is still at the top of the Cubilete Mountain.  Its construction began in 1944.  Yesterday, Sunday, March 25, 2012, Benedict XVI inaugurated its new lighting.


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