The Movies Filmed in Pozos – Part II

Mineral de Pozos, Gto. Monday, March 5, 2011. As we promised a week ago, today we will continue reviewing the movies filmed in Mineral de Pozos, municipality of San Luis de la Paz. On this occasion, we will cite five more: Erendira (The Incredible Story of the Candid Erendira and Her Evil Grandmother), Stone Sickness, The Penitent, The Man of the Golden Mask (L´Homme au Masque D´or), and Two Crimes.

In 1982, part of the movie Erendira was shot in the ruins of Pozos.  It is based on the short story “The incredible story of the candid Erendira and her evil grandmother”, written in 1972 by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who coincidentally received the Nobel prize of literature in the same year, 1982, it was recorded.  It narrates the sexual exploitation of Erendira by her grandmother.  It was directed by Ruy Guerra.  The actors were Claudia Ohana, Irene Papas, and Michael Lonsdale.

The experimental film Stone Sickness was recorded in 1983 by the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Campus Azcapotzalco.  It was also based on a novel of the same name, completed in 1980 by Carlos Montemayor.  Mineral de Pozos was the ideal place for the taping, because the cinematographic work is about the life of miners who become ill because of their hard work.  Federico Chao Fuente was the director. Carlos Pouliot, Arturo Beristaín, and J. Ramon Castillo were the main actors.

Five years later, in 1988, Pozos served as the location of The Penitent, an American production. The story is about the Catholic traditions of Medieval Spain, which although were banned in 1949, they are still practiced in some remote places in New Mexico and Colorado. Under the direction of Cliff Osmond, Raul Julia and Armand Assante starred.  Some Mexicans actors like Enrique Novi played a part. Several villagers worked as extras.

Another movie in which many inhabitants of Pozos, especially children, acted as extras was the Man of the Golden Mask (L´Homme Au Masque D´or), produced by the French in 1990. For this film, the staging unit built and converted some appropriate sets in town.  The San Luis de la Paz train station was also used for a scene.  It tells the story of a priest who becomes a professional wrestler, with the intention of constructing a children’s home.  The main actor was the renowned Jean Reno, accompanied by Marc Duret, Marlee Matlin, Eduardo Noriega and some professional wrestlers.

In the mining area of La Trinidad in Pozos, was recorded in 1995 part of the film Two Crimes, based on the novel of Jorge Ibarguengoitia of the same name.  It is a comedy of predicaments, belonging to the new Mexican cinema.  It was directed by Roberto Sneider. The main actors were Damian Alcazar, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Jose Carlos Ruiz, Margarita Isabel and Jesus Ochoa.

It will continue next Monday March 12…


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