The Movies Filmed in Pozos – Part III

Mineral de Pozos, Gto. Monday, March 12, 2012.  In this third and last part, we will mention more movies that were filmed in Mineral de Pozos, such as And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself and the Daughters of their Mother: The Buenrostro´s.  But also we will cite other productions that have been recently made in the old mining town, municipality of San Luis de la Paz, like the soap opera The Owner, and a video of the singer Sergio Blass.

In 1995, the documentary Pozos, Stories of a Mineral, was recorded.  It is a docudrama carried out by Salamander TV Productions for Channel 11 of the National Polytechnic Institute.  More than the account of Pozos, it is the story of the people who did not let die their beloved town. The production was made by Carlos Gonzalez Ibarra and Eduardo Gonzalez.

Also, in 1995, Televisa shot part of the end of the successful Mexican soap opera The Owner. The Cinco Señores Hacienda was used as location and locals were hired as extras. They used horses to make more spectacular their participation.  Francisco Gatorno and Angelica Rivera were the main actors.  They were assisted by Cynthia Klitbo, Salvador Sanchez, Norma Herrera and Eduardo Santamarina.  All of them were under the guidance of Florinda Meza (the wife of the famous comic Chespirito).

Sergio Blass, ex-member of the music group Menudo, recorded in 1996 the video of the song My Friend You, of the Savage Dream CD.  The places shown were: the Modelo School, and the Mine of San Baldomero. The musicians were: Zito Martinez (bass guitar), Cuitlahuac Montano (keyboards), Roberto Perez (guitar), Checo Gonzalez (drums) and Humberto Hernandez (acoustic guitar).  Also, the beautiful model Helen Ducoing took part.  It was made by Camera Productions and Polygram Discs.

At the end of 90s (we did not find the exact year), the movie short The Woman of Pozos was captured.  It was videotaped by students of the Anahuac University of Mexico City. Theatrical actors like Norma Castaneda, Tomas Macias and Ruben Torres participated.  Some locals served as extras.  It was directed by Juan Rodriguez Pons.  The original story came from Jessica Garcia.

In 2003, part of the motion picture And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself was filmed in Mineral de Pozos.  It narrates the life of Pancho Villa in 1914.  It was a flick made for the American television.  In the time that was produced, it became the most expensive in the history of television/cable, since it cost $ 30 million dollars.  The famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas starred.  As part of the cast were Eion Bailey, Alan Arkin, and Jim Broadbent. The director was Bruce Beresford.

The Daughters of their Mother: The Buenrostro´s was taped in Pozos in 2005.  It tells the story of some women who seduce senior citizens to keep their fortunes.  Evangelina Elizondo, Plutarco Haza, and Lumi Cavazos were the main actors.  Busi Cortes directed them.

In this way, we conclude the account of the movies filmed in the now designated Magic Town.  If one of you wants to share additional information, especially about the TV commercials that were done here, we will really appreciate it.



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