The Movies Filmed in Pozos – Part One

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Monday, February 27, 2012.  For its singular architectural beauty, fascinating history, and attractive natural scenery, Mineral de Pozos, recently designated Magic Town and part of the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, has been chosen in diverse occasions as the location for several national and foreign movies.  Likewise, in its territory have been taped scenes of soap operas, videos of artists of international fame, and TV commercials.  In this first article of three, we will talk about the films Pedro Paramo, Furies Under the Sky, The Chiefs, The Ashes of the Congressman, and A Walk In The Moon.

In 1966, part of the movie Pedro Paramo was shot in Pozos.  It featured John Gavin, Ignacio Lopez Tarso, Pilar Pellicer, and Julissa; all under the direction of Carlos Vela.  It was based on the famous novel of the same name, from the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, published in 1955.  The former mining settlement was a suitable place to represent on the big screen the ghost town of Comala, which really exists in the state of Colima.

Four years later, in 1970, Furies Under the Sky was filmed in its entirety in this place.  The main actors were David Reynoso, Jorge Martinez de Hoyos, Lola Beltran and Dacia Gonzalez.  Julio Aldama directed this movie.  It narrates the escape from prison of some criminals.  They seek shelter in a desert village, until they can leave the country.

Part of the mining area of Pozos served as location for some scenes of The Chiefs in 1975.  The movie had its origin in the comic book ‘El Payo’, which was very popular in that time.  Do the ‘old timers’ remember it?   It was directed by Juan Andres Bueno, and among the performers were Jorge Rivero, and Pedro Armendariz Jr.

Recorded partially in Mineral de Pozos in 1976, The Ashes of the Congressman was a social and political satire.  It tells the story of a politician who represents the municipalities of San Miguel el Alto and San Miguel El Bajo.  The last one is personified by Pozos.  The actors Eulalio Gonzalez ‘Piporro’, Lucha Villa and Carmen Salinas participated.  The direction was done by Roberto Gavaldon.

The American movie A Walk In the Moon was taped in 1987.  It narrates the story of a year of service of a member of Peace Corps, who is sent to help people in Colombia (just like Peace Corps associates are now supporting us in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve), which in the real life is Pozos. Kevin Anderson, Pedro Armendariz Jr., and Laila Robins headed the cast.  Raphael Silvers II directed it.

It will continue next Monday, March 5th… 


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