The Past Winners of The Most Beautiful Flower

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Saturday, August 3, 2013. The Most Beautiful Flower is a pageant that each year recognizes the beauty of the women from our communities, during the regional fair.  It has only a few years that has been carried out, since the information that we gathered only goes back to 2002. The winners of the Most Beautiful Flowers in the past have been: Ely from the community El Potosino (2012), Carmen from Fracciones De Lourdes (2011), Carolina from the community of Manzanares (2010), Leticia from the community of Maguey Blanco-Los Dolores (2009), Rosalinda from the community of San Jose del Carmen (2008), Rosy from the community of Maguey Blanco (2007), Angeles from the community of Fracciones de Lourdes (2006), Lourdes from the community of La Esquina (2005), Fabiola from the community of El Carmen de los Vargas (2004), Matilde from the community of Manzanares (2003)and Yadira (2002).  We do not know the community name of Yadira (2002) and have no picture. As always, your help is welcome to improve this project.


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