The Rondalla Voces Magisteriales Will Play Again in Texas

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Sunday, February 26, 2012. The Rondalla Voces Magisteriales of San Luis de la Paz will return to play in Texas. It has been invited to entertain the Mother’s Day Festivity on May 12 at the Guanajuato House in Dallas, as it did last year. That magical concert of 2011, in which it conquered our fellow countrymen living there, we transmitted in Sanluisdelapaz.com live by audio to the entire world. Here are some photos of this unforgettable event. Presentations in San Antonio and McAllen in the same month of May will be confirmed soon.

It is commendable the effort that the Rondalla Voces Magisteriales makes to go to American soil, to take a bit of our culture and tradition to our countrymen. Moreover, because last year the artists did it with money from their own pocket, and contributions of persons residing in the United States and San Luis de la Paz.

Many cooperated to make this dream a reality. Some supported with the travel fare, others with food, some more gave them lodging, and certain donated money. It shows that when you want to do something, you can achieve it; despite everything, even distance and other barriers. It is only required to have desire and union.

In the 2011 trip, the Rondalla Voces Magisteriales participated in two events in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, May 7. First, in the morning, they marched in the 5 de Mayo Parade, a Mexican holiday which is extremely popular in the U.S., even more than September 16, Mexico´s Independence Day. The musicians walked the streets of the city in the company of people of the Guanajuato House.

At the end of the march, in the evening, they conquered the Texas audience with their romantic songs, during the celebration of Mother’s Day in the Guanajuato House. For our countrymen in this city, it was a huge pleasure to enjoy their talent. Some of the public cried with emotion, because of the memories that they evoked. At the end, they received the award for the best musical participation in the 5 de Mayo Parade and the Mother’s Day Festival. We are very proud of them!

Fellow countrymen who live in Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen and the entire state of Texas, do not miss their presentations. Last year, many attended; but there were also many who knew about the concert too late, until they saw the photos in Sanluisdelapaz.com Please let everyone know. Tell your friends, acquaintances, and relatives than the Rondalla Voces Magisteriales will play again on American soil. We will keep you informed with dates, locations and times. 


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