Tierra Blanca, Picturesque Neighbor

Tierra Blanca, Gto. Monday, October 24, 2011. In our tour through the neighboring municipalities of northeastern Guanajuato, today it was the turn of Tierra Blanca. It was founded 16 years before San Luis de la Paz; on July 4, 1536 to be exact, with the name of Saint Thomas of Tierra Blanca. The municipal seat is a picturesque town. It is small, but has lovely places.

It has a quiet and well maintained main plaza, which has received some awards. In addition, the Parish of Saint Thomas is very ancient (from the XVI century), and has still many original features. The patron saint´s festivity is celebrated joyfully on December 20 and 21. The narrow streets and numerous steps leading to upper places are captivating. The villagers make hats, baskets and other handicrafts made out of reeds. Visit Tierra Blanca! 


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