Tribu Shares Exhibition of Prehispanic Music Instruments

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Saturday, May, 26 2012.  The recognized Tribe group opened an exhibition of Prehispanic musical instruments at the old Holy School chapel.  As part of the opening date, a couple of its members, Alejandro Mendez and Agustin Pimentel, offered an interesting conference on the topic.  In order to give to the public a sample of how they sound, they played some of them.  The exhibition will run until Tuesday, June 26.  It was an event organized by the Ludovicense Cultural Center. 

Tribe has more than 40 years researching instruments from the Prehispanic Era.   They are archeologists and researchers from profession, and musicians by passion.  They are from Mexico City, but have left their mark on our municipality.  They lived some years in Mineral de Pozos, where they established a school.   Thanks to them, there is the culture of the manufacture and interpretation of Prehispanic instruments there. 

In their talk, they told us about their sources of information and the history of particular instruments.  The musicians also played some of the flutes, whistles, and ocarinas.  At the end, they were recognized by Gerardo Sanchez, Responsible for the Office of the Culture House.  He invited the people to visit the House of the Hummingbird, a cultural center which Tribe has in Pozos.



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