Waiting for the Verdict on the Pre-Hispanic Constructions

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Thursday, March 22, 2012.  Three months after the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) visited San Luis de la Paz, to examine some constructions that appear to date from pre-Hispanic times, we are still waiting for its verdict.  According to Professor Jose Luis Lara Valdes, Lecturer at the University of Guanajuato and President of the College of Historians of Guanajuato, who also already inspected them, they do belong to that era.  When will INAH announce its ruling?  It is something that can dramatically change the history of our town.

The existence of the structures was discovered by a group of friends, including us, in the first months of 2011.  In July of that year, Jose Luis Lara Valdes, a history college teacher and a renowned researcher in Guanajuato, came to explore them.  After doing so, he expressed that the remnants located northeast of the city in his opinion are of pre-Hispanic origin.

He told us that they are part of a series of terraces and slopes.  We saw at least 4 levels.  Some have stairways; very similar to the pre-Hispanic slopes of other sites in the region.  Also, we observed a ramp in one of them.

When we learned that a public works in the street began to destroy the old constructions, we collected signatures to make a petition to the Mayor, Javier Becerra, asking him to have the National Institute of Anthropology and History send staff to undertake the corresponding investigation.

We also requested that if they are part of the national heritage, to establish the criteria for its protection, preservation, and study.

In a press conference in November 2011, we expressed again the concern that the pre-Hispanic structures could be demolished. Likewise, we asked the municipal authorities one more time to have INAH come to explore them.

INAH personnel finally visited San Luis de la Paz in mid-December of last year, to study the old constructions. Since then, we have not heard from them, or about their expert opinion.  Hopefully it will be soon.  It is extremely important to us.  It could determine that there was another society before the Chichimeca Indians in our territory.    


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