Women Dialogue to Celebrate Their Day

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. Thursday, March 8, 2012.  In the course of the celebration of the International Women’s Day, five distinguished local women participated in a talk called “Dialogues among women”, at the Diego Rivera Art Room in the House of Culture.  They talked about their experiences, accomplishments, challenges, satisfactions, and the important men in their life.  The enriching conversation was organized by the Municipal DIF System and the Ludovicense Cultural Center.

At 10: 10 a.m., the talk began with the presentation of the authorities who were among the public: the Mayor, the President of the DIF System, City Councilmen, public officials and members of government agencies.  Then, the coordinators introduced the moderator (Lis Siurob), and the speakers (Marcela Maria Rangel Gamba, Cleo Gordoa the Tejera, Jezabel del Refugio Benitez Rodriguez, Martha Morales Valerio and Ma. de Lourdes Chavero Quevedo).

After the pleasant conversation, some women of the public, including a couple of city officials, used the microphone to express what the International Women’s Day means to them.  Finally, the Municipal President, Javier Becerra, and the President of the Municipal DIF System, Armonia Hernandez, presented awards to the five prominent women who participated.


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